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British Singles sets records in 2021
•  Although the signup was smaller than usual, the British Singles Championship was once again the "virtual world championship,' as Bamford defeated Fulford with multiple sextuples in the finals in early July at England's Surbiton club.

New Zealand champion
Paul Skinley dies in Wellington
•  When the announcement of the death of a most unusual champion was reported on the Nottingham Board, much comment was generated from fellow players and friends.

Meadowood burning
•  That was roughly the title of four emails I opened after returning from an early dinner in West Palm Beach. Not just Meadowood, but countless square miles of Napa Valley, including St. Helena and Calistoga Ranch and much more, being consumed by an uncontrolled fire.

•  While croquet proceeds unabated--in the US as well as around the world--the USCA Management Committee suspended all national title events until 2021. Updated 9/22/2020

"Let's have a ball!"
•  Only in America would the Palm Beach way of raising significant money for the sport be done this way; but it still succeeds in the only country in the world where croquet is regarded as a rich man's sport.

When will Sonoma-Cutrer
re-start its croquet programs?
•  The setting was perfect, and the lawns as well, when the owners went out on a limb in the late 80's to produce the first world championship in the sport.

"I can't breathe"
•  A knee on my neck or a novel virus in my lungs threatens my life; but I can still play croquet to celebrate "re-opening" around the world.

Closed Victoria Centre
facing severe cash shortfalls
•  A devastating 20-page report of Victoria Croquet's new treasurer calls for the immediate furlough of the two staff members and forecasts potentially insurmountable problems ahead for the 12-court jewel of the sport in Australia.

The US leads the world in
confirmed Corona Virus cases
•  Political vitriol escalates in tandem with official counts and predictions while every day in most countries, restrictive measures grow more severe as croquet players react.

The world waits and worries
•  South Florida is at the epicenter of the effects of public prudence, with cancellation of all major public events and croquet events as well.

Across the moat
•  The game includes a lot more than croquet at the Bishop's Palace, an English medieval site with a central lawn that animates the space for visitors and players alike.

The Club
•  It's the smallest common denominator for the people who want to play croquet together. We chose just one of them, in Australia, to represent in words and pictures what it takes to make the club flourish.

What is Howard Sosin's game?
•  He likes to figure things out and made a fortune inventing financial derivatives in the early 90's. Now he creates and perfects new croquet variations--including "Peel Croquet"--in a games laboratory with top players at the National Croquet Center.

The day the movie people came
Part Two, England
•  With most of the CANNON SHOT documentary edited and in the can, the guys go to England for their last interview, with a certified expert on everything about croquet.

Magical transforming hoops
•  Jiminy Wicket -- pairing seniors with youngsters--is expanding from Denver with corporate and institutional support to more cities, and even to England.

New Owner, New Editor, New Era!
•  This magazine has been given to the Croquet Foundation of America in concert with its redesign and further development under an English editorship.

Droning the croquet courts
•  Small and inexpensive drones carrying cameras provide more compelling access than Google Earth to overviews of croquet clubs around the globe.

The day the movie people came
Part One, Florida
•  It turned out to be two days: the first to scout the place and the second to film; they spent a lot of time with the pro and with Bob Alman.

The SHAFTMASTER of Connecticut
at World Championship
•  The owner of Norwich Croquet Company details his unlikely--but reasonable and thorough--advance into contemporary mallet design and beyond.

Picturing the sport
at World Championship
•  John Prince augments his three-part "Life in Croquet" with vividly recorded sketches of places, persons, and events both real and imagined.

Tracking Camera debuts
at World Championship
•  Jim Nicholls demonstrates the new "Soloshot" tracking camera from Wellington, a technology that ushers in a new era in live visual coverage of major croquet events.

Lighting the Courts
•  As club membership grows, one way to maximize playing space without building more courts is to extend the playing time beyond twilight--with the aid of court lighting.

Chesapeake Bay CC debuts
•  Rave reviews abound for a new 8-court club in its first full season as a newly invented model for club development.

Sarasota Doubles in Size
•  Long the national model for public club development, the Sarasota County Croquet Club, with six full-sized courts, can now host major national and international events.

Mallet Mania
•  The writer's croquet adventure has taken him through many mallets in a couple of decades, some of which have now become paperweights.

Your perfect event: Part Two
•  Why is the element of time still pervasive in America at all levels of play? In England, clock time plays little role in classic weekend competitions fashioned especially for high-level players of working age

Your perfect event, Part One
•  Sponsored Golf Croquet programs for novices generates club revenue in Australia; in South Florida, the "Golf Croquet Champion of Champions Invitational" seeks new underwriting.

Croquet Dome planned
for world's biggest club
•  A ground-breaking design has encouraged the National Croquet Center to announce firm plans for covering its three lighted courts with an all-weather dome.

New at the Centres!
•  Different/better/more and new all combine to improve the only 12-court facilities in the world, on opposite sides of the globe. See our picture story.

Ponte Vedra's 'AZ Closed'
•  An American tournament classic that refuses to die after losing its main court starts a new tradition with a portable competition, in North Florida.

The McDonnell Tapes
•  Mike Orgill's interview with the pioneer of California croquet who shaped the historic emergence of Sonoma-Cutrer and Meadowood is linked to other voices of the time.

Selecting the Golf Croquet team
•  A major tournament and fundraiser in North Carolina looks like an ideal prototype for a future "Golf Croquet Selection Eights" selection event.

Association Croquet
outlawed in America!
•  In the late 80's, the president of the USCA declared the International game unfit for the American psyche.

Croquet in South Africa
•  After a sudden decline in synch with radical shifts in the political culture, the sport is back--with some notable differences.

Living a big dream in KC
•  On a hillside near Kansas City, Matt Griffith is perfecting his one-lawn club, with "full capacity" measured by growing revenue, more and bigger parties, and personal satisfaction.

Facts for Vanity Fair
•  Checking the facts as requested by a mainstream publication can be as instructive and much more fun than the run-of-the-mill article they publish.

Seven Courts at Ponte Vedra!
•  The third-largest all-for-croquet facility in America, in north Florida, is also the first anywhere to be planned, financed, built, and managed by one person.

The two biggest stars
of 20th Century croquet
•  Two American show business personalities outshone all others, and a fast-growing club in the Southwest has successfully adapted their freewheeling style in public spaces. From the book "Murder Mystery and Croquet."

Liverpool Project V--
Overcoming growing pains
•  James Hawkins has created an ideal croquet club in Liverpool-- and learned what he has to do to get members next season.

The USA Hard-court Eight
•  The official name of the event was the Pasadena Invitational, but the idea was generated by US players stung by their drubbing in Christchurch at the quadrennial MacRob in January, and the eight players invited were mostly present or former International team members.

The John Prince perspective
on the 2013/14 MacRobertson
•  The legendary Kiwi star recalls players and events from the past and assays the relative chances of the four teams.

Florida State Senior Games
•  Pictures tell most of the story of the debut of croquet in the official state senior games.

How is croquet branded?
•  For more than a century, print advertisements for a host of products have used croquet as visual shorthand to suggest certain qualities which our sport does not possess.

Jiminy Wicket Wins Again!
•  Denver's June 21 event on "The Longest Day" scored in members, bucks, and publicity for the Alzheimer's Association and the Denver Croquet Club.

•  Establishing a new croquet club may require seven years of persistence--plenty of time for all the right things to finally happen.

Maximizing the mallet as a tool
•  Combining man, mallet, and method, Canada's Ken Shipley reports results and isolates the unpredictable quantity.

Swiss Croquet is centered at CERN
•  While croquet is firmly established in the shadow of Geneva's CERN, the rest of Switzerland lags behind with light mallets and primitive rules on indifferent lawns.

Croquet in the Czech Republic
•  Check it out: with six clubs, new multi-court clubs, and countless off-court attractions, the Czechs are welcoming visitors to their international events.

India reinvents the sport
•  The croquet courts of the maharajas are either gone or recycled at heritage hotels, so 21st century croquet has found a broader base among students in 11 states.

The Olympics or the World Games:
How and when will croquet arrive?
•  Martin French and Bob Alman examine 17 years of WCF expansion and quantify the steps still needed for global recognition of the sport.

What I did for love
•  Managing a lawn in the public domain could require more than political savvy; you may have to resort to prayer and criminal cunning.

United Croquet Club's centennial
•  Its seven lawns in central Christchurch make it a obvious pick for major events, and the 2013 New Zealand Open is not the least of them.

Back to the future:
Country Club Croquet
•  What started as "a sport for the affluent class" in the 70's and then mushroomed on public courts is now in renaissance in gated communities in the southern Appalachians.

Croquet in Latvia?
•  The tiny Baltic state has made a fast start in building courts, buying heavy equipment, growing membership, joining the WCF, and entering world events.

A picture postcard from Leo
•  US team member Leo Nikora promised to send "live" reports from the World Championships in Australia. Pictures, they say, are worth more than words.

"Serious Croquet" in America
•  For decades, it has been an attitude and a way of life in the country club culture of the eastern US, but now it's also an elegant oversized book with striking photographs and poetic text.

Tournament of champions:
a Golf Croquet picture story
•  The International Polo Club Palm Beach got it right in 2012, and if the original calculations didn't work out, it was because the players' skills were underestimated.

Croquet on ice:
feasible and fun
•  With determination and the right equipment, you can play croquet in any season, and we have the story and pics to prove it.

Gateball goes international
•  Australia's national croquet association has sponsored this crowd-pleasing mallet sport's introduction to the English-speaking world. Here's the story and pictures from the 2011 championship.

In the Money
•  Cash purses for 2012 Golf Croquet invitationals in South Florida and South Africa rival the numbers in the glory days of American croquet in the 80's.

•  Prospecting a new-club start in Liverpool, Hawkins strikes pay-dirt on the third try. Or is it only fool's gold?

New book on Golf Croquet
•  The chapter "How to Win" is excerpted from a new volume on Golf Croquet tactics out of Queensland, Australia.

Picturing the 2011 Solomon
•  This photo essay is a collaboration of Eileen Soo and Jeff Soo, with a distinctly American slant.

A weather-proof championship
for Midwest high schoolers
•  What started as casual play in the intramural club culminated in spirited competition for eight teams in the first USCA Midwest High School Croquet Championship at Fargo's Sports Bubble.

Croqueting Scotland:
In the shadow of history
•  Most of Scotland's clubs are built in historic settings and scenic surroundings, and they welcome visitors.

New WCF Sec-Gen takes charge
•  Martin French, vowing transparency, has taken on the worldwide organization's priorities and administration following a year of tumult.

The 2011 Int'l Polo Invitational
•  It had the biggest purse, the best lawn, Egyptian balls, and great players, despite the unexpected withdrawal of the Egyptian champions.

It's Ben Rothman - again
•  For the second consecutive year, he tops the USCA Grand Prix as "player of the year."

•  It's easy to rig your pool table for Golf Croquet. Find out how.

Egyptian balls
debut in Palm Beach
•  The Golf Croquet purse invitational for top players at International Polo signals a breakthrough in the worldwide culture of the sport.

Shanghai World Championship:
the gateball picture story
•  Olympian in scale, this gateball extravaganza heralds the global spread of the most popular malletsport beyond Asia and the Pacific, into Europe and the Americas.

•  The U.S. Croquet Association showcases on November 6-7 the most evolved Golf Croquet Exhibition Series yet developed by the national sports organization, soon to be duplicated all around the country.

Beyond the Mac:
Whither the World Championships?
•  The 2010 world teams included most of the developing countries, for the first time. Should the multiplication of individual championships now be encouraged? Or restrained?

The bowling/croquet turf wars:
sad, comic, and easily avoidable
•  But if you think the near-universal positive benefits reported from long-standing dual use agreements make peaceful partnerships inevitable, think again.

The world's biggest
mallet sports championship
•  No, it's not the MacRobertson, it's the World Gateball Championship in Shanghai, for 600 competitors, backed by megabucks for sponsorship and spectacle.

A desert paradise with croquet courts
•  California's Mission Hills Croquet Club, with ten courts, has become American's western mecca for both players and tournaments.

Playing through dementia
•  Golf Croquet is a game that can create a bridge of communication and relationship to family members with Alzheimer's.

Europe united under one flag!
•  The new flag of the European Croquet Federation bears a striking resemblance to the flag of the European Union, and it's no accident.

Finding a home
for the croquet collection
•  The collector's crowning achievement ensures that primary historical sources are permanently preserved and accessible to researchers.

Wine, Wickets & Wheels
debuts in Ohio, July 2010
•  The Hayes Croquet Club hosts a Golf Croquet purse tournament and the first major SuperSize Croquet Championship.

Prince's portraits of the stars, Part I
•  New Zealand's John Prince memorializes in graphite and pencil drawings and his own words some of the top players of our time.

Cruising with a portable grass court
•  Samir Patel reports the first games on the biggest, the best, the first and the only, docked at Southampton.

Management shifts
at the National Croquet Center
•  The end of the High Season in South Florida brings with it news of a financial shortfall, a new round of fundraising, a change in management, and optimistic predictions, but this summer there's something new: a rational business plan!

The biggest game:
strategic planning
•  Four clubs in the USCA's Club Organizers' Workshop demonstrate a surprising range of problems, solutions, and breakthroughs in applying standard business principles to the local nonprofit.

Croquet in China?
•  With the rapid emergence of China's affluent class, the growth of first-rate croquet facilities is inevitable, and the World Croquet Federation is planting the seeds.

Who Really Won
the Election of 1876?
•  In the most contentiously contested election in American history, a special commission put the loser of the popular vote -- America's croquet-playing president -- into the White House.

The eBay croquet art sting
•  The bibliographer and the collector conspire with the Sussex police to recover irreplaceable croquet portraits from the Edwardian era.

Touring the croquet clubs of Germany
•  Good food, drink, and hospitality anchor a growing sport in the heart of Europe.

Croquet in Norway
launches first full season
•  One of its principal organizers reports that the sport of croquet is firmly rooted in the land of the midnight sun, and growing.

Huge Melbourne Centre
launches first full season
•  The new Victorian Croquet Centre boasts 12 courts and a clubhouse, outscaling anything in the Southern Hemisphere, and its owners are projecting financial self-sufficiency by 2010.

Sarasota: The art
and science of club building
•  All it takes is knowing what to do and having someone who'll do whatever it takes. Someone like Jackie Jones.

The club as a business:
Can it ever succeed?
•  An Australian croquet club's experiment in direct-mailing advertising offers some tantalizing clues.

USCA announces Handicap
Tracking Points giveaway
•  The purpose is to boost play in the USCA Regionals; the price is compromising a system designed to reflect performance.

Urban Croquet
•  The radical vision of a German designer combines fun, fashion, and fantasy in one compelling retail package.

Canceling the '07 Solomon Trophy
•  The controversy has produced a debate that promises to reinvigorate the US vs British team event and broaden the player base.

The face of youth
in American croquet
•  They haven't yet caused a revolution in the sport, but impressive victories here and there in America signal the growing strength of a new generation.

Sweeping management changes
announced for National Croquet Center
•  Following two intense days of discussion, the Croquet Foundation of America unveils a provisional plan for the immediate future.

What the deuce is a Croquet Circus?
•  It lasted four days in West Palm Beach, it was revolutionary, and it will be produced annually.

The Liverpool Project,
Phase Two: Season Zero
•  The first organised season of the new Liverpool Croquet Club begins after Easter of 2007.

Second Annual Photo Contest accepting entries until March 15
•  Croquet World Online will again feature 100 finalist photos in our awards article to be posted on April 1, 2007.

West Coast leads 2006 purse surge
•  Oregon's Resort at the Mountain is still top dog, followed by the Sonoma-Cutrer revival and a nine-wicket tourney in San Diego.

Croquet Victoria moves into their clubhouse
•  Australia's new mega-centre in a Melbourne suburb has 12 lawns, but they won't all be ready for play until March of 2007.

The Liverpool Project: Phase One
•  Starting with nothing more than firm resolve and abandoned public parks, James Hawkins has taken the first giant steps towards putting Liverpool on the croquet map

Hawkins becomes
co-editor of Croquet World
•  A joint announcement of James Hawkins of England and Bob Alman, founding editor, confirms the move as part of an extensive "re-launch" of the sport's online magazine.

Canada's Cumming
Wins 2005 Grand Prix
•  The fast-rising croquet star attributes his trophies to good shooting, not strategy, in both American Rules and Association play.

Ghosts are stirring
at Sonoma-Cutrer
•  The retooled version of the North American Open in May 2006 shows much of the shape and content of the old S-C World Championship - including big prize money.

Egypt puts croquet
on the Middle East map
•  World Champion Reg Bamford describes the Egyptian Open in October, while Cairo prepares for the first Women's Golf Croquet World Championship in November.

Inventing the American game
•  Croquet World interviews Herbert Bayard Swope, Jr., last surviving eyewitness to the historic croquet adventures of the "Algonquin Round Table" at his family's Great Neck home in the 20s.

Bob Cherry is USCA's
Player of the Year for 2004
•  The annual Grand Prix rewards performance in both American and International Rules events.

First world championship for women set for November 2005 in Cairo
•  According to the World Croquet Federation, this ground-breaking Golf Croquet singles event is open to 32 women from member nations.

The National Croquet Center is reborn
•  The dream is alive again. After a long and agonizing false start, croquet's premier venue gets fresh lease on life with new funding, expanded staff, and professional on-site management.

Mr. Wicket Charts an X-treme Course for Croquet's Future
•  Sometimes bigger really is better.

A global outlook on handicapping
•  Appointed by the World Croquet Federation, Canadian mathematician Louis Nel is charting a path toward worldwide handicapping harmony, and he needs your help.

Mallets and their makers
•  Three manufacturers talk about the art, the craft, the fads, and the physics.

Osborn wins USCA 2004 Grand Prix
•  Late starter Mik Mehas had to settle for second, but the "bad boy" has taken a strong lead in the 2004 edition.

The MacRob comes to America
•  Croquet's ultimate event is the new National Croquet Center's greatest spectacle, and Croquet World covers it all, beginning with this preview.

Mr. Nice Guy Ascends to WCF Presidency
•  Long-time championship player and British team captain David Openshaw will replace Tony Hall to become the World Croquet Federation's fifth president.

The politics of communication
in the volunteer nonprofit
•  Very few master the art, and nothing is more vital to your club's success.

The people's purse
•  Danny Huneycutt's homespun circuit of prize-money tournaments - the Croquet Fever Competition Series - is well on the way to doubling worldwide purse winnings in croquet.

Purse tallies rise in 2002
•  Momentum will continue in 2003 if the new money tour in the southeastern states offsets the loss of the Sonoma-Cutrer World Championship.

Soo edges out McBride to win 2002 Grand Prix
•  More than 1,000 USCA members won points in this year-long test of excellence and consistency, and there were many winners.

Croquet's showcase comes alive
•  Be it ever so elegant, there's no place like the National Croquet Center, and these pictures of the first major events of the preseason prove it.

Man with a mission:
Croquet for all
•  Bill Martin fully intends to globalize a successful strategy for promoting Golf Croquet on public courts in his native Tennessee.

Croquet Frontiers:
Beachhead In Southern Turkey
•  The sun never sets on the croquet commonwealth of globe-roving British expats who build croquet courts in the unlikeliest of places.

Osborn captures 2001 Grand Prix
•  A perennial winner of the old USCA Grand Prix masters the overhauled version just as easily.

How the new USCA Grand Prix works
•  Designing it was difficult enough; debugging and implementing took four years.

Egypt first, second, third, and fourth
•  The fifth and biggest ever Golf Croquet World Championship was America's first, and everything about it was different except the winners.

The American debut of the Golf Croquet World Championship
•  These pictures cover all the basic elements of a world championship that got off to a very wet beginning.

2001 croquet purse tally
•  In his annual nonstory, replete with annual stats from 1987 onward, Garth Eliassen reports a 15 percent increase in purse winnings.

Previewing the opening
•  In two weeks of special events, an extravagant vision assumes real dimension and color at croquet's new national home in Florida

•  Four balls have been approved for championship play - from Australia, South Africa, Taiwan, and the United States. Here are the stats and the skinny on each one.

Killer Combo: The British Open and the WCF World Championship
•  The year's strongest tournament begins July 29 at four London venues.

Patuxent Spring
•  The greening of the lawns after a long winter is reason enough to have a tournament; Patuxent made up a second reason

Goodbye, Jaques - Hello, Sunshiny
•  The ball from Taiwan is officially approved. Has the price war begun yet?

Building the house of croquet
•  April brings two milestones for croquet's national home: the staff moves onsite, and the clubhouse foundations are laid.

Cloned Jaques Eclipse balls from Taiwan hit world market
•  Conceived in London, birthed in Asia, officially disowned by the house of Jaques but coveted by distributors the world over, the "New Eclipse" clone is being peddled at bargain prices.

New Zealand's oldest club calls it quits
•  The rich Timaru Croquet Club had everything one could want...except members.

Croquet Elbow": its causes and treatment
•  A physiotherapist offers advice on managing one of the most common injuries in the sport.

Avoiding and treating "Frozen Shoulder"
•  A poor croquet stroke is the least of your problems when the shoulder joints stiffen.

Press release and correction.
•  The issues leading to the temporary closing of the National Croquet Center are outlined and addressed by the Palm Beach County Zoning Division, County Commissioner Carol Roberts, and the Center staff

Croquet purses in 2000 coins.gif
•  The message to croquet pros is clear: "Hold on to your day job."

The Open is over,
but the games go on
•  Why the San Francisco Open was retired at its peak: a personal retrospective.

"Left Coast" croquet at
the 14th San Francisco Open
•  The words and pictures of New Hampshire's Bert Myer explain why it's among the most distinguished of the public court annuals. sf open logo.gif

The mudsucker miracle
•  When solutions appear for insoluble problems, sport and religion converge on the croquet lawn.

Croquet at the Olympics:
Paris, 1900
•  The father of the modern Olympics thought it would be a good idea to combine the second Olympic Games with the 1900 World Exhibition. Not!

National Croquet Center Comes to Life
Opening of the 12-court Florida showcase heralds a new era in the American sport.
Death of the "Eclipse"
The composition ball is gone forever, the one-piece plastic ball reigns supreme
Croquet by the Nile
The Egyptians shake up the croquet world with a new game and intense sporting spirit
USCA Founder Dies
Organized croquet in America is Jack Osborn's unique legacy, and its growth since his passing has been slow and fitfull.
 The Art of Croquet
Paintings from the National Croquet Gallery at Newport
Croquet art from the Wimbledon Museum
Paintings and drawings of British venues by Liz Taylor-Webb
Art from the National Croquet Gallery in West Palm Beach
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