Why we play

Croquet is not just the fun, backyard game anymore; tournament croquet is a different game, a serious game, a serious sport. But have you ever tried to explain the game to someone outside of the sport; why you love it, why you are obsessed with this elusive game? It's not easy.

This remarkable new 11" x 14" full color table-top book clearly illustrates the artistry, emotions and camaraderie of competitive croquet by combining the dramatic, gallery-like photographs and portraits by Bob Chilton, exhibited photographer, philanthropist and championship-level croquet player, with the delightful narrative and captivating prose of John Osborn, writer/reporter and multi-year National Croquet Champion. Together they have captured the beauty of this sport, showing its players in all their diversity and explaining why we play the game.

Britt Ruby

Just as remarkable, every penny of the proceeds is being donated to support the Croquet Foundation of America and the United States Croquet Association.
Introducing the Book that Shows the True Face of Croquet

Only 1,000 of these beautiful 11" x 14", 148-page full-color books are being printed. There are three purchase options.
  • 200 "Collectors? Edition" copies will be signed and numbered, and will be housed in a handsome presentation slipcase. Each will include an 8" x 10" gallery-quality, frameable photo of your choice from the book. These sets are $300 each.
  • 300 books will come in the same handsome presentation slipcase priced at $100 each.
  • The remaining 500 first-edition books will be available for just $50 each.

SERIOUS CROQUET is available at the Pro Shop at the National Croquet Center, or it can be mailed to you for a $20 shipping & handling charge. (The Collectors? Edition price includes shipping & handling.)

SERIOUS CROQUET is a wonderful gift for players and friends. For a unique personal or holiday gift that will be cherished for years, order your book now. To ensure that you get your copy(s), contact Bobbi Segal at bobbisegal@yahoo.com, call her at 561-478-2300, or click here to link to an ORDER FORM)