Toequet & Malletball. Anywhere! Anytime! Anyone!
It's true! You can play anywhere from a sand beach in summer to a snowfield in winter. With anyone from an eight-year-old soccer fan to your croquet-loving mother-in-law. That's what makes this a perfect gift for all seasons and styles.

are the fantastic new wicket games you're read about recently in the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Los Angeles Times, and many other newspapers and magazines around the country. These games - developed and promoted at the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach, Florida - combine the fun of backyard croquet with the spirit of Extreme Croquet. And everyone can play.

was invented to allow people to use croquet rules and strategy on indifferent surfaces - on long grass, in parks, on hilly terrain, on the beach...even in forests! The big soccer balls are kicked, and they conquer all terrains! The complete Toequet set - with four balls, nine wickets, and two stakes, costs only $129 plus shipping.

is what you get when you add a regulation-weight mallet to the game, which then is pretty much like croquet - except the balls and wickets are giant-sized, and your potential court is all the great outdoors! THE RULES are any wicketsport rules you choose. The rules we recommend on for Xtreme MalletBall are adapted from the official World Croquet Federation Rules for Golf Croquet.

We now have regulation-weight mallets that transform your Toequet set into a MalletBall set. They're $50 each, weighing approximatley 2 2/3 pounds with a 28-inch shaft and a nine-inch head and a wide face to enable you to get a square hit on the soccer balls we pack in our Toequet sets. These mallets are GREAT for backyard croquet as well as Malletball. You won't find anywhere more Backyard Power for the buck.

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