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Lawn location:
660 Bellevue Avenue
Oakland, California oaklandcroquet@yahoo.com

About the Oakland Croquet Club and Lawns

The Oakland Croquet Club plays on one of three lawn bowling greens located at Lake Merritt's Lakeside Park on Bellevue Avenue. The Oakland Croquet Club uses the East Lawn, which is the single lawn behind the Lawn Bowler's Clubhouse.

The club offers a free curriculum built around an introductory class to instruct and encourage novice members. The class is usually offered on the fourth Sunday of the month. Reservations are needed to attend these free classes so if you wish to attend pleasecontact the OCC and reserve a space.


Oakland Croquet Club Membership is available at several levels.


Membership includes all club privileges, equipment locker key, USCA voting rights, and USCA membership.


Membership includes equipment locker key and access to the lawn for play and practice. Limited tournament play (unable to play in USCA sanctioned events). This level is for those without membership in another USCA affiliated croquet club. USCA voting rights and USCA membership are not included at this level


Membership includes equipment locker key. This level is for students, nonresidents, or those with primary membership in another USCA affiliated croquet club. Residents of San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, and San Mateo counties who are not members of the San Francisco Croquet Club are not eligible for this category. Students excepted. USCA voting rights and USCA membership are not included at this level.


The club produces popular three-hour lawn parties at the Oakland lawns for up to 100 people, tailored to the client's requirements. These events can be scheduled for any time of year, but most are in the April-through-October "dry season." The game played is Golf Croquet doubles - fast-paced, interactive, and learnable in minutes. The club provides a complete program - all the equipment setups, instruction and demonstration games, and court referees at the ready to answer questions and offer advice. The per person prices ranges from $20.00 to $25.00 per person, with a minimum fee of $200.00 to $250.00.

The most popular format features a multi-tiered elimination tournament, allowing winners to advance to more difficult games, while losers have a chance to play against peer-level opponents. Because so few people are familiar with the professional equipment and settings, everyone starts out at the same level as novices - which makes for an ideal mixer. And because croquet doubles calls for sophisticated partner communication and cooperation in plotting winning tactics and strategy, these events can be model team- building exercises. Croquet has been called "the ultimate social calisthenic." But the pace is easy, the tone is social, and the accent is on "serious fun." Flat shoes are required.

The enclosed lawns are a perfect setting for outdoor catering - typically a luncheon buffet or afternoon tea - with abundant courtside seating (Clients provide their own catering.)

With world-class equipment, a fast lawn, and an unequaled coach-to-player ratio, these lawn parties for croquet novices rival the offerings of the West's best croquet resorts. The club can also design a croquet program for an offsite venue of your own choosing.