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World Croquet Federation:

  1. To encourage, promote and develop the recognized versions of the game of croquet ("the Games")internationally at all levels.

  2. To encourage and promote the teaching of the Games internationally.

  3. To uphold and enforce the laws of the Games.

  4. To promote international and individual championships.

  5. To make and uphold regulations for championships.

  6. To recognize official croquet championships.

  7. To employ the funds of the Federation as may be deemed appropriate.

  8. To increase by joint action the influence of Associations in dealings with other sports' governing bodies and with local and national authorities.

  9. To preserve the independence of the Federation in all matters relating to the Games and its relations with Associations.

  10. To define amateur status for the purposes of the Games.

  11. To govern amateur and professional croquet.

  12. To publish a newsletter periodically to aid exchange of information between the Federation and the Associations.

  13. To uphold these principles and objectives and generally to take such measures as may seem expedient for advancing the international interests of the Games while upholding a commitment to non-racial and non-discriminatory sport.

  14. To enforce the observance of these Rules.

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