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The elegance and gentility of the recently renovated Venetian Room at The Breakers in Palm Beach will be an apropos setting for the Croquet Foundation of America's "Croquet Appreciation Ball," Tuesday evening, April 16, 1996. Croquet enthusiasts, Club Team participants and many others who have observed the croquet phenomenon in the United States during the past 25 years will be there to honor some of croquet's most enduring benefactors.

"This ball is being held to commemorate the support of several outstanding individuals during the USCA's first 25 years," said Don Degnan, President of the CFA and ball chairman. "We want to pay tribute to their generosity and love of croquet. Without them, croquet as we know it today probably would still be just a dream."

Among the honorees will be USCA and CFA Founder Jack Osborn, Pat Supper, Libby Newell, Barton Gubelmann, Ellery McClatchy, Nelga and John Young, and Archie Peck. The late Joe Tankoos, Walter Gubelmann and Fred Supper will also be remembered for their substantial support of croquet over many years. "We'll be singling out others, too," Mr. Degnan said.

Ball co-chairpersons Connie Degnan and Margaret and Frank Mihlon have planned a gala affair. "The Breakers is celebrating its centennial this season, and I can't think of a better time or place to honor our dearest croquet friends. Most of them have played on the lawns at The Breakers," said Margaret Mihlon. "Many of these individuals have made croquet as much a part of the hotel's ambiance as it is a part of the American landscape today."

"We're going to have a great time honoring these individuals," added Connie Degnan. "The social side of croquet has played as big a part in the sport's development as the competitive side, and this ball will reflect that."

The ball coincides with the USCA National Club Team Championships, the largest and most popular USCA tournament. "It's an ideal time for this," said Don Degnan. "So many USCA members from around the country will be able to join in and say 'thank you' in an eloquent and personal way. I encourage everyone to greet our honorees and to remember in your prayers those who have passed on. Their legacies are the foundation of the game we enjoy today," said Mr. Degnan.

For additional information and table reservations, please contact:

Connie & Don Degnan (407) 655-6065

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