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A message from Bill Berne,
USCA President

Since Jack Osborn founded the USCA in 1977, players have come forth, gathered in clubs and multiplied. To service this growth the USCA has strained and stretched until, in 1996, it faces a need for increased support by its members - in both participation and financing.

Croquet needs an expanded office staff to administer our local, state, regional, and national tournaments, our playing rules and regulations, our handicapping, our referee and instructor certification and training programs, plus the myriad of other tasks supporting and servicing our membership.

Croquet needs you - our volunteer members. We need your participation, input, involvement, direction and leadership in our organization. I urge you to...

  • Serve on committees
  • Help organize the growth of croquet in your state
  • Help establish croquet lawns and clubs
  • Become referees and encourage others to become referees
  • Volunteer in support of the USCA.
In a very like pattern, the USCA's sister ship, the Croquet Foundation of America, started with a small group of croquet lovers who have helped finance much of croquet's growth. Death and displacement have reduced this group of wonderful, original benefactors to a small handful who can no longer bear the burden of a growing sport. The CFA must find new croquet devotees who will step up and indicate their willingness to help. We need all of you to financially support the CFA and the USCA.


  • Participate in tournaments and other croquet events at the club, state, regional, and national level.
  • Become more active in your club, both by playing and volunteering your services.
  • Invite acquaintances to play croquet and to join your club and the USCA.
  • Teach, help and encourage new players.
  • Start a new club and help establish new croquet lawns.
  • Call the USCA office or your regional vice-president to volunteer your services.
  • Play croquet and have fun!
And contribute to the CFA...
  • Join the Friends of the Foundation.
  • Attend and volunteer your services in support of fund-raising events, such as the Croquet Ball during the National Club Teams and the Hall of Fame Ball during the Nationals.
  • Contribute to or make a bequest to the CFA Endowment Fund in your will.
  • Volunteer to help raise funds.
  • Have your company sponsor croquet activities.
Thank you

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